Call for submissions

Submissions or comments (formal or informal) on this Issues Paper should be sent to Marion Clifford, Senior Legal and Policy Adviser, by 22 February 2013.

Law Commission,
PO Box 2590,
Wellington 6011, DX SP 23534,

or by email to

The Law Commission asks for submissions or comments on this Issues Paper on the review of the law of trusts. The submission can be set out in any format but it is helpful to specify the number of the proposal you are discussing.

Submitters are invited to focus on any of the proposals, particularly in areas that especially concern them, or about which they have particular views. It is certainly not expected that each submitter will provide feedback on every proposal.

Alternatively, submitters may like to make a comment about the review of the law of trusts that is not in response to a proposal in the paper and this is also welcomed.

Official Information Act 1982
The Law Commission’s processes are essentially public, and it is subject to the Official Information Act 1982. Thus copies of submissions made to the Law Commission will normally be made available on request, and the Commission may refer to submissions in its reports. Any requests for withholding of information on grounds of confidentiality or for any other reason will be determined in accordance with the Official Information Act 1982.